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Crochet Free Patterns

Here on the site Designer Pattern Free you will learn a lot about crochet Pattern Free, from crochet for beginners up to download the graphics and crochet work recipes as: carpets, table path, bathroom and more! The goal of the site is to facilitate the information for who is new to crochet and also view free recipes and templates of various types for all readers.
If you want to stay up-to-date with the Free Crochet Pattern Designer, enjoy our Fan Page on Facebook. Whenever I post a new recipe or a tip you will know in time there on the network. So enjoy and enjoy!
If you feel more comfortable, on the side of the site we have an option where you enter your email and receive all our recipes in the first leg. This service is also free and to use it you just need to sign up your email.

Our specialty is to make you feel satisfied with our posts.

We manufacture handcrafted, hand-woven (one by one), customized according to your taste.

We produce parts for Home: kitchen, living room, bedroom and bathroom.

Decorating accessories that you will find on our site Designer Free Pattern:

Free Crochet Patterns Click here : www.crochetwebsitesfreepattern.com
Single and double blankets
Blankets for couch
Women's fashion clothing and accessories Plus Size adult
Clothing, accessories and quilts for babies
Articles for Christmas: Towels, ornaments for Christmas tree and
Products for NewBorn (newborn)
Produce your imagination you want to leave your home and your life be more cheerful and satisfied.

                            Crochet designer handbags

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Washcloth Rainbow - A Color show! design patterns

 Good night friends!
I made this washcloth for a client ... she saw the cover of the stool and wanted a well-colored washcloth as it ... did not have a right model and not to be too similar to the cover I decided to risk with this chart that time there was in my drawer.Design patterns online
I was changing colors and gave it there ... a very cheerful rainbow!
Surely her table will look good color!

Two Little dresses cute for Girls!

Hello friends, good afternoon!

I found a cuteness these dresses and very easy to do!

My little girl grew up and still do not have grandchildren, but for sure one day I will make one of the two or both, lol!
Stay with God,

segunda-feira, 6 de julho de 2015

Colorful Cups and Pitcher Door Kit!

Just below is the coaster graph, made some small modifications at the end, but can follow the straight graph that looks great! The port jar is the very beginning of the graph of Sousplat, just do less careers. 

 Stay with God and a great day for all! Kisses!

Step by Step Cupcake Crochet..

Follow the step by step in this link

Good morning friends (them)!
I spent the day doing this pap, many girls have asked me and I could do today.
I'm tired because the whole process of doing, photographing each step and then editing is very tiring, rs, the more you deserve. I hope you're well well explained and easy to understand ...

sábado, 4 de julho de 2015

Two wipes Square Beautiful For You!

 I do not know you but I love wipes square, are great for decorating a nightstand, dresser ... is also the suggestion that cool gift for friend or aunt, sister ... (:
Stay with God. A wonderful Saturday!

Flush with pads Beautiful Crochet - And Has the charts!

Hello girls,

These pillows are part of my folder of parts to ... come share with you. Are not they beautiful?

Enjoy the graphics and use in other parts also, the heart is beautiful and can be done in various sizes depending on the wire you use.

And the barred looks great also on covers for pillows, tablecloths, bath ... it is your creativity and imagination!

Do not forget, before copying the graphics click on to save the original size.

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Tips for Making Crochet Blankets and Necklaces Beginners

Step by step crochet necklace
For those who want a beautiful piece without much break your head this crochet necklace is the ideal. Make and use: crochetnecklace leaves the most basic feminine looks
Crochet accessories give them a touch soft and looks to match different occasions.
Step by Step Crochet Necklace Flower Gardenia


See also .. Make a Baby blanket easy to beginners step by step slowly to give someone or your child. Remember that you can make this piece with the colors or the prints of your preference and for both sexes.

The children's blanket can also be a great source of extra income (Photo: muslinandmerlot.blogspot.com.br)
Tips for Making a Children's Blanket

To do this piece you will need Click here

3 different types of fabrics of your choice with colors or patterns also of your choice;
Sewing thread with color matching the chosen fabrics;
Common scissors;
Tape measure;
Sewing pins;
Iron to iron clothes;
Hair comb;
Washing machine;
Sewing machine.
Read also about Umbrellas for Drinks for Print.

Begin by positioning the three tissues together, one over the other, but with the tissues that are out with the sides of the right out. Fasten everything with the aid of sewing pins. And cut some strips in these fabrics with the width of your preference and with the three fabrics together.

To know and learn more Access; http://crochetpatternsforbeginners.ga/

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sábado, 6 de junho de 2015

sexta-feira, 5 de junho de 2015

Beautiful owl, for door weight..

Blog Design Patterns Online

Crochet is the trip of a lifetime: those who always go the same way, can not see the most beautiful places.

                                              #Step by step garnish, Owl Crochet

How to make an owl crochet

quinta-feira, 4 de junho de 2015

Learn how to make these beautiful flowers, Watch the video! Blog Design Patterns Online

Today crochet flowers are widely used and for various purposes, whether to decorate the hair, necklaces, bracelets, brooches, pieces of women's clothing finish, and even entire parts can be made starting from handmade flowers.

But let's talk of crochet flowers to create modern and super relaxed necklaces estrão super fashionable, and increasingly falling on women's taste. Cheerful, colorful and very creative. Blog Design Patterns Online

They can make all the difference in the look of a woman.

                          Follow the tutorial and learn how to make this wonderful flower

quarta-feira, 3 de junho de 2015

# Learn to crochet flowers

Blog Design Patterns Online

We do now a simple crochet flower, you can do with just a few steps. This flower can be used for decoration in general and for all that your imagination tells you.

      # Learn to crochet flowers

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How To make Giant Dahlia Quilt Pattern

Giant Dahlia Quilt Pattern quilts are lovely to look at, to have and to make. In past generations, the quilt was one of the first things many young women learned to do. Getting started is really simple and you will develop your creative skill every time you finish a quilt.

Join pieces of fabric. They can be from other sewing projects, old dresses or fabric donated by family and friends. Save them for your patchwork quilt. Depending on your taste, the fabrics can all be of a single uniform size or in various sizes and shapes. Think about how the pieces will look like. Try to have at least 6 different prints.

Click here to know more about Quilt pattern Free.

Find a drawing. Search the Internet (Google Books is a good place to start) and craft books for a design that suits your interests or create your own template by deciding how you want your quilt to look. The quilting design uses small pieces of fabric to create a collage look for a design template. The pieces usually are not smaller than 5 cm² and can be much larger, depending on the design chosen. To know more about free pattern quilt please visit: http://www.patchworkquiltpattern.com

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